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Anne Buckland Preparing for 12 week injections

Preparing for the 12-week injections

The little one celebrated his 3-month milestone yesterday, and the time has flown by. It’s simply amazing watching just how much the little one has changed, and watching the cycle of eat, burp, sleep, repeat give way to awake times where his personality is shining through. I’ve been keeping a

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Pregnancy in lockdown - Anne Buckland

Pregnancy in Lockdown

The last couple of months have seen our household suitably in love, sleep deprived and blurry eyed adapting to our ‘new normal’. I realise that that particular phrase is being somewhat overused at the moment, but it does so nicely sum up the significance of the changes that this season

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TV producer, content marketer, and female entrepreneur who’s worked for BBC, Channel 4, Leonard Cheshire, and the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation amongst others.

Fascinated by storytelling, how we use it to relate to each other, where we’ve come from, and the world around us. Now on the biggest adventure of all – first-time mum.

The blog is set on a foundational belief – that the world can be in a better shape than it is, and, if we can work together, we might just get somewhere.