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Growing up, Star Wars was always the trilogy (yes, when there were only 3 films) that was on at Christmas. I’ve become so acclimatised to seeing the Star Wars films every Christmas that I forgot really to pay attention to them. This Christmas, encouraged by the onset of a horrid cold, I settled down with my husband to watch the set of all 6 films from start to finish. This act helped me to appreciate afresh the compelling storytelling that is woven into each film, particularly the initial three produced, and also again consider our role in the timeless battle of ‘good’ vs ‘evil’.

In the Attack of the Clones, Yoda tells Anakin that he will have a choice. Yoda identifies that Anakin is conflicted and has both light and dark in him. It will be down to Anakin’s own choices of which voice he chooses to listen to, that will determine who he will become.

This got me thinking.

No matter what situation we are born into and grow up in, we each have a choice. Our thought life has such a profound effect on the trajectory that our lives take. What we choose to listen to in our internal monologue is what we give greater weight to and therefore what we will become. How do we choose to ‘use the force’ in our own lives?

Sure, there are certainly external factors that can aid these choices and make a certain choice harder or easier depending on who you choose to associate with and the situations that surround a person, but when it comes down to it, we each have the same conflict. We each have the same choice and we each have the same power within us to steer our own mindset.

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we each have a choice

If we live in fear, we end up crippling ourselves and create limiting boundaries within which we allow ourselves to function. This happens to Anakin as his distrust builds in those around him. These perceived boundaries can become incredibly restrictive, severely limiting the amount that we can achieve in one lifetime.

If we choose to listen to hope however, and keep our eyes fixed ahead, there is so much more potential that can be achieved, in one single lifetime.

So much of our impact and response is reliant on us as individuals and how we respond to any given situation, and which voice we choose to listen to.

As we enter the New Year, I must confess that I’ve not known such personal uncertainty for a long time, and yet I can either choose to listen to fear that will cripple me and stop me in my tracks or worse still, make me lash out at those around me. Or I can choose to stay firm in the belief that there is a reason for the season, and that to appreciate each day with gratitude and not frustration. This is a thought decision that will help me take steps forward in optimism and hope, looking for opportunities to help those around me and not to curse.

It seems that however old I grow, Star Wars isn’t done teaching me lessons.

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